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For the attention of finance Manager / Managing Directory

Dear Sir / Madam,

Greetings, from the Law Office of Hassan Tamim; Advocates & Legal Consultants. We practice law in United Arab Emirates. We've based our business model on three core principles that we feel define who we are as a company. I'm confident you'll find these beliefs & standards are what separate us from other's.


Working with Hassan Tamim; Advocates & Legal Consultants is more than a client-attorney transaction. It's a partnership. We believe in being accessible and within reach of our clients 24/7. We works closely with all clients to provide honest, friendly service and an overall positive legal experience with favorable results, no matter what the nature of your case may be.


It seems very few law firms tout their low rates these days. We're on a mission to change that. As a local lawyer, we believe in helping those in my community and not taking advantage in their time of need. We offer flat fee arrangements, instead of the staggering expense of hourly rates. Additionally, we are always available for free or low-cost consultations.


Simply put, clients deserve more we believe in partnerships and genuine dedication to those who choose to work with us. Clients have the right to access the entirety of our knowledgeable staff. They have the right to be treated with the highest level of honesty, confidentiality, respect and compassion. Clients also have the right to know the specifics of pricing and services before signing-on, with detailed explanations of each.

Looking Forward to Build Strong Business Relations.

Muhammad Noor
M: 971 50 784 9345

E : mediation{@}

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